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Weird news, funny news, crazy news, odd stories, jokes or satire; however you may call it, we at Crazy News will provide it for you. Our goal is to become the largest collection of fake and funny news stories on the internet and to make a newspaper out of them.

Crazy News is proud to annouce the Crazy Newspaper Edition 1, published on 14 february 2005. The first edition of this newspaper consists of 9 pages of news stories. You can choose between the html version and the printable pdf. It is a selection of our best weird news stories, bundled together into a few categories like politics, media, business and science.

The monthly Crazy Newsletter will inform you about all new stories and major changes on this website.

The 10 latest funny news stories

3 proofs that aliens really do exist

It's finally proven: aliens do exist! Here are my 3 proofs.

Michael Jackson has Mad Cow Disease

Michael Jackson appears to have BSE, widely known as the Mad Cow Disease. This conlusion has been confirmed by his medical team.

How to keep your computer clean of viruses?

A funny FAQ on how to get rid of computer viruses and other rubbish with CN soap. The efficiency is guaranteed.

Virgin Express goes pink

Richard Branson changes the colour of Virgin Express from red to pink in an effort to make an entire image change of his airline company.

The mowing machine

An amazing new invention from the Netherlands; a revolutionary mowing machine. Buy it now and get a special gift for free.

The Simulation

John created our universe by a simulation, in an attempt to create a worse world then his own. In the beginning ...

Bush priceless

The Mastercard company will be sued for the following advertisement campaign satirizing George W Bush.

Bill Gates wins the first CN Marathon

Bill Gates won the first edition of our annual Computer Marathon, where all participants had to run 42 km, carrying the whole time a computer with a self-made operating system.

The new team of George W Bush

After the elections, George W Bush presents his new team. The three most important newcomers are general Peter J Schoomaker, Saeed al Sahaf and sergant Ivan Chip Frederick.

George W Bush presents his new Atlas

George W Bush presents his newest achieval: a world atlas based on his own view of today's world.

All weird news stories

A short history

In the beginning there was nothing. But then came little John and he created our current universe in an effort to make a worse world than his own. (The Simulation) Therefore he used the method of giving us wrong information. To achieve this, he created the big news companies I mentioned above. But he got regrets and that's why Crazy News was invented to give you finally the news you deserve, the truth. But let's start with a few years ago.

Somewhere in the beginning of the nineties, a large group of aliens landed on the earth (you should read these proofs, if you don't believe in aliens ); they were called the 'Taliban Aliens'. Their goal was to reign over the world with a base of operation in the Middle East, more exactly in Afghanistan. The only problem was that no human should know this. So they kidnapped a lot of the local people and replaced their brains by advanced electronic devices, changing them into a sort of religious-fanatic machines. Those machines were programmed to fight against the communists and conquer whole Afghanistan.

Eventually this seemed to become and endless war. But then the Americans, always known for replacing a small problem by a much bigger one, came to help them with money and weapons to win the war against the communists. They quickly conquered Afghanistan and they replaced the brains of all the politicians in the countries around Afghanistan, including Iraq, controlling the whole Middle East in that way. After that, they remained quiet for a while.

But it all changed with the election of George W Bush. A year before his first election, they applied the brain surgery on him and then falsified all the votes, not only in Florida, as many people believe, but in the whole country. In fact, only a few Americans really voted for him. The goal of the aliens was finally achieved; they controlled the whole world. Now it's easy to explain why Bush made so many weird decisions ( including this Mastercard commercial); the Taliban Aliens made them for him.

But then in 2001 some people in Afghanistan began a revolt against the alien oppression and almost succeeded. So they trained some of their machines to make some atrocious terroristic attacks in the United States as an excuse for an American invasion in Afghanistan to oppress the revolution. And they quickly succeeded in their mission.

But a few years later the brave Iraqi people began a revolution and the American army had to interfere another time. Or do you really believe this man was the leader of a country that was in possess of weapons of mass destruction? You must be joking!

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