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The Toque

The world leader in Canadia humour, parody and satire. Same concept as Crazy News, but different topics.

Clumsy Crooks

Funny real-life crime stories, pictures and much more.


Funny weblog where users can post funny pictures, articles and jokes. Same concept as fark, but smaller and better.

Charlie Tubbles

Charlie Tubbles, little house of humor offers funny videos, pictures, jokes and links.

Puns Galore

A large collection of puns and funny stories.

The weird crap

Strange humor site featuring alarmingly strange fiction stories, lunatic commentaries, daily demented comics, and online entertainment news.

offbeat news

A large website dedicated to offbeat news.


Crazy News launches his new television company. It will be called Crazy News Net. (CNN)
Important notice: in opposition to CN, all the crazy news items will be fake, totally not corresponding to reality. Everyone should fully understand this before watching CNN.

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