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Virgin Express goes pink

After several rumours, the news is now official. Sir Richard Branson (under) has decided to radically change the image of his company.

Richard Branson

"Our very popular company name will subsist, but Virgin won't be any more associated to red. Much people had problems to associate Virgin to the red colour, so we decidated to change it to pink, symbolizing the new revival of Virgin."


CN assumes that the whole fleet of Virgin Express will be repainted in the coming few months, other products of the Virgin company will soon follow. The first pink plane will depart tomorrow, more details are to be found here. The first pink Virgin cola will be available in the stores next month. Cheers!

Virgin Cola

Analysts claim that the pink colour will certainly be notified, but they don't dare to bet that it will result in a higher profit, considering pink isn't the most popular colour on this planet. But everything could happen if Virgin is able to change that attitude. Let's hope it for them.


(George W Bush) "Our intelligence agencies believe that Osama Bin Laden is in possess of weapons of mass destruction. Two black knives, one fork and a telephone. That's why we activated the highest terroristic alert. We believe he is planning to attack civilians in their own houses, more exactly in the kitchens. We do not intend to scare you, but the hightest precaution is required while entering your kitchen. Look carefully if you see suspected objects like knives, forks and telephones. If you see them, make sure no to touch any of those suspicious objects and contact the FBI immediately."

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