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Edition 2005: Announcement and candidates

Crazy Pet 2005

We at Crazy News have noticed that there was way to much serious and pessimistic news in 2004. That's the reason why we have decided to show you, as our new years resolution, that not the whole world is governed by aliens by starting a new and fun competition. It will be called the "Crazy Pet of the year" award.

The first edition will be hold in the beginning of 2005. Every pet of a famous or less famous person will be able to participate in this contest. You can propose one candidate by posting a story about him or by contacting us. Every serious proposition will be considered.

After a few months we will pick five or six candidates amongst them and place a poll for exactly two weeks on this website. You will be able to vote once a day for your favorite candidate. After those two weeks the candidate with the lowest votes will be erased from the poll and a new poll will be issued until we have a winner: the Crazy Pet 2005. We at Crazy News, are looking forward to it.


More candidates will follow soon.


This is the new Crazy-News virus. Because we at CN lack the technical background, this is a manual virus.
Please delete all files from your hard disk, destroy all back-ups and send this virus to everyone you know.
CN is not responsible for any damages you may encounter during this process.

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